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What is Pastel?

About the Artist and her Works

Esther specialises in producing original paintings, in pastel, of natural life in the lochs, hills, rivers, glens and shores of the Scottish Highlands. Another major part of her work is producing Giclee prints, which are renowned for their high quality.

She also has many requests for commissions to produce works in her distinctive fine art style of her worldwide clients' favourite Highland wildlife and landscape sights. Her oil and watercolour paintings have received much acclaim also and can be seen at various galleries throughout the Highlands. Contact Esther for further details.

Click here for a tour of the galleries of her original paintings and prints.

She has met many requests to tutor, coming from a range as wide as Ross-shire local artists groups to team developers for the Scottish Executive which took place at The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh. This has allowed her to share the experience and skills she has acquired over 14 years as a full time artist.

Her other influences have come from a delight and awe of the works of painters such as American modern master Richard Schmid.
Esther - "He manages to convey so much with clean movements and strokes. His work is delicate and precise without the need for detail and his use of colour is just marvelous, natural and real. There is so much beautiful feeling in the pictures. They are alive".
Another influence is artist Albert Handell.

Esther talks about what her work does for her -

"My Art is very personal. It is trying to convey how I feel about the places I visit and what I see there. It is my reaction to nature. Once I start to paint the more I see, the more I feel. If I can convey just a small part of that to the viewer then it is even more special to me."

One recent viewer said-

"I can feel the weight of the stag on the pony's back. I rarely see anything modern that captures my artistic soul but your work does."

Contact Esther to discuss tutoring opportunities and commissioning original art works.

About the Giclee Prints

Giclée Printing is fast becoming the leading technology for high quality fine art prints due to its superior colour density and longevity.

The Giclée Prints offered for sale on this site are very high quality, produced individually by Esther on a professional Epson large format giclée printer using lightfast ultra-chrome inks. The paper used is 315gm, acid free museum quality fine art paper.

She opted to invest in her own professional printer in order to maintain absolute control over quality, colour matching, immediacy of output and it also gives her the abilty to offer the same high standard of service to other artists.

At a recent exhibition where Esther's original paintings were hanging alongside framed giclée prints, visitors were heard to remark that they could not tell which were originals and which were prints !!

Shipping & Packaging

Please select Shipping destination at point of purchase from the drop down menu. Prints are wrapped in tissue paper and plastic protective liner and shipped in a strong outer cardboard tube.

What is Pastel?

Looking to the history of the use of pastel as a painting medium we can find the origins can be dated back to the 16th century, and see it become more popular in the 18th century. Probably its best known and most prominent user is Edgar Degas. The artist Mary Cassat was instrumental in introducing the medium to American artists where it has become an extremely popular medium.

The name 'pastel' does not refer to the palette of lighter paler colours (as the term is used in today's fashion industry) but to the French Word 'pastiche' meaning paste. Pastels in fact are created using the same pure pigments as those used to make all other paints, which are mixed with a special binder to make a paste. This paste is then rolled into sticks and left to dry.

"I find that using pastel allows my paintings to display the depth of feeling inspired by the light and colour offered to me by our unique natural landscape".